Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top ten lessons learned (or re-learned) this week

1. God is sovereign, and answers specific prayers specifically.
2. The Spirit that dwells in Christ dwells in me, and takes me into surgery, under anesthesia, and back again in peace.
3. Never believe a surgeon when he tells you that the recovery from a procedure where they poke around in your chest cavity and remove things is "No big deal."
4. Always read the directions on your pain medications carefully, and feel free to take the full amount if you are in pain.
5. There are instances where finding out you have an auto-immune disease can be seen as "good news".
6. Calls from children to tell you they are coming to visit over the weekend and e-mails from children with beautiful poetry they have written are excellent "pick-me-ups".
7. The greatest earthly blessing I have ever known is a godly husband.
8. Following closely on the blessing scale behind my dear husband are loving parents and family, and wonderful, serving friends.
9. There are days that you know you are facing successfully because others are praying for you.
10. God is good, all the time-- much better than I deserve.

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