Thursday, August 31, 2006

The completed project: and a new one begun

Here, after many hours of added construction, followed by deconstruction and many hours of polyurethaning, and driving 1700 miles or so with the smell of poylurethane filling the car, the loft bed is completed and Ben's apartment in Bloomington, Indiana is serviceable, and homey. Ben is now an Assistant Instructor in the Classical Studies Department at Indiana University. He is working on his Masters in Latin, and assisting with a mythology class. What a new and exciting advernture! And Bloomington is an adorable city, with the impressive and large campus dominating.

Building Project

One of the major projects near the end of the summer was building a loft bed for Ben, complete with a computer space, desk and shelves below. We are not woodworkers, but Ben's efficiency apartment in Indiana made this necessary. His efficiancy space is 14 X 14, and that includes the closet and bathroom! Here, Tim, Dave and Ben (in our garage) complete the bed frame, which our friend Charlie Bell said was strong enough to hold a car-- and weighed about as much as one! Charlie was a BIG help in getting it all done and together.

Fun with Friends

While the summer just flew by, we enjoyed the opportunity to get together with folks who came to visit. We had visits from Chris' sister Jeni, our dear friend from D.C. Jan Adams, and the "college kids" were around. Above, the old debate crew enjoys hamburgers on our back porch. {Starting with the striped shirt and continuing clockwise: Elsa Johnson, Emily Thomson, Carolyn Thomson, Tim, Josh Baer, Joey Piotrowicz, Jesse Piotrowicz, and Ben}

A Visit from Elsa

We enjoyed a wonderful week this August with Ben's girlfriend, Elsa Johnson. Elsa hails from Minnesota, and is a Junior at Hillsdale College. We enjoyed showing her our neighborhood, and appreciated her parents, Donna and Chris, sharing her with us. {Above, Ben and Elsa at Overlook Park, overlooking the Rio Grande valley, about a mile from our house.}