Monday, July 30, 2007

A Visit from the Salazars

This weekend we had the pleasure of a visit from our friends, the Salazars. They moved from Los Alamos 6 years ago, and now live in Jackson, TN, where Mike is a professor of Chemistry at Union University. Above, left-to-right, standing are: Joel, Lillie, Luke, Isaiah and Lizzie. Seated are Keri, Mike, Josiah and Caleb. Somehow we forgot about the 5-month-old, Amaris, asleep at the time.
On the left, Luke, Caleb and Isaiah enjoyed our collection of "Far Side" cartoons, and Lillie reads about the Berenstain Bears to Lizzie and Joel. The visit was a real blessing to us.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A walkway for the backyard

Thanks to our good friends Robert, Ethan and Josh Baer, and about 2,000 pounds of Quickcrete, we have a very good start on a walkway in our backyard. Someday this will be surrounded by things green and blooming, and we will put white lights and lanterns in the fruit trees and have an evening fete. You are all invited!

Hail hits

A hail storm hit last week, dumping seven-tenths of an inch of rain (a HUGE amount for this high-plains desert). It shredded my morning glories, hammered my sunflowers, and beat down my tomatoes and peppers. But the moisture was not something we can complain about after so many years of drought!

A Lovely Lunch

June brought a Santa Fe luncheon with three lovely ladies: nieces Hallie and Atalie Brown (Wendy's daughters) and my sister, Jeni Hanson. We had a tasty lunch at Tomasita's, and enjoyed one another!