Monday, January 18, 2016

The sweetness of fellowship

Fellowship with this group is one of the sweetest things I have known this side of heaven.  I have welcomed all these children into the world, watched most of them learn to read, and spent time in prayer and scripture regularly over the last 20-some years.  We have hurt each other and forgiven each other, just like a family. We have walked one another through trials, upheld one another through grief, and rejoiced with one another.  What a blessing the family of God is!

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Recent projects

Christmas cards were made this year.  It was fun, but the sewn tree trunks, while cute, were a bother!  I need a new idea for next year-- this was fun!

Nikki received another 4 placemats for their new home. These featured virtues instead of family names, for use with company.

And yes, we are into Barbie doll sewing.  I can get into this!!

Dave put together some Ikea crates, added casters on the bottom, and painted them.  I upholsstered some seats with cushions and decorated a little, and voila!  Rolling benches/toy boxes for Emma and Ezra's room.  The unforseen consequence of making these was the fact that they make excellent go-carts! Pictures of that to come...