Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dave on Passe-a-Grille Beach, St. Petersburg Posted by Picasa

Sunset Beach, amazingly enough, at sunset. Posted by Picasa

Dave and Chris to Florida

Dave attended a meeting in Tampa, Florida, in January, and Chris enjoyed going along. While Dave sat through meetings, Chris read, swam, and watched old movies. {It was very relaxing for Chris!} We ate great Asian food, walked on beaches, and had lots of uniterrupted talking time.

The highlight of the trip was time with our good friends, Randy and Barb Greenwald, in Bradenton, just south of Tampa. Those of you who know us well have heard the story of Dave and Randy being washed in the same sink, and being twins separated at birth. It was a joy to spend time together! We went to Busch Gardens and the Cheesecake Factory, spent time with most of their children and their grandson (!), and enjoyed worshipping together. What a lovely way to begin our year!