Monday, October 15, 2007

A Visit from Bill

We enjoyed a brief but wonderful visit from one of Tim's closest friends from Calvin, Bill Reynolds. Bill is in school at Villanova this semester, and living at home in Newtown Square, outside of Philadelphia, so it was a special treat to have him join us for part of his fall break. Bill will be one of Tim's groomsmen, Lord willing, next fall.

Mountain Goat

Or something like one... Tim enjoyed climbing on the gorgeous rock formations at Arches.


Arches is one of those places that photographs fail to do justice to... But I still took 270-some photos on our new little digital camera! We camped over the Columbus Day holiday, and had a terrific time hiking and sight-seeing. I highly recommend this as destination if you are ever near Southwestern Utah!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

October give-away (courtesy of and Ligonier Study Center)

If you click on a chance to win these books from Ligonier Study Center from my site, I get an extra chance to win them, too!

October Giveaway

The White Rock

There actually *is* a white Rock here in White Rock. It sits at our most conspicuous corner, and it is an approved graffiti site. Thanks to friends Emily, Carolyn and Josh, it became a congratulations for Nikki's last day in Los Alamos.