Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas, 2013!

Well, the Christmas postcards are being addressed, which means it is time to update everyone here on all the Lord has done this year, and the ways He continues to go before us. So here is a snapshot of the Finnegans as 2013 comes to a close.

It is always special and fitting in this season of waiting to be waiting for a baby ourselves.  Tim and nikki and Emma, in Tucson, are awaiting the arrival of Baby Ezra, our first grandson!  Ezra is trying to make an early appearance, but Nikki and her doctors are working to keep him where he is until closer to his due date in April, and the rest of us are doing what we can to support that! The church family at Rincon Mountain are serving and supporting them well. Emma turned 3 in August, and is always bright and busy, and Pampa is her favorite.  She'll make a fabulous big sister. Tim continues to enjoy working as an electrical engineer for Raytheon.

Ben, Elsa, and Ada continue to reside in Peoria, AZ, north of Phoenix.  Ben continues to enjoy both teaching Latin and coaching flag football at the Basis school there, and Elsa cares well for him and Ada.  Ada keeps us laughing with her funny sayings and facial expressions.  And Pampa is her favorite.  Do we see a pattern here?

All the New Mexico extended family are also doing well here at the turning of the year.  Marilyn continues to volunteer at the nursing home, walk with a friend several times a week, and participate in a  Silver Sneakers exercise class at the YMCA, along with being our church librarian.   Chris' parents, Jack and Shirley Hanson, had a rough fall- illness, roof problems, and plumbing problems, are now settled down, and we hope the New year brings quiet and calm.  And we enjoy seeing Gwen, Chris' sister, and her family from Edgewood when we can work it out.  Hallie is getting ready to graduate from high school, and it's hard to believe Atalie will be heading into high school!  The years are flying by! Below, we met up with the whole contingent for a day in Los Alamos, playing putt-putt and hanging out.

This year has been a year of both struggle and blessing for us.  We have watched God go before us and prepare the way where we didn't think there was a way, and enjoyed rich blessings. To Him be all the honor and glory this season and always!  As this year closes, I continue to fight my eye disease and will begin anew medication later this week, and we both deal with aging and post-cancer-treatment problems.  But we still love each other, rejoice in our family and friends, and look forward to the adventures ahead.

May God be with you in all your new adventures in the coming year, Gentle Reader!  He continues to be with us in ours!

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Quotidian Life said...

God bless you and your family, Chris, as you celebrate the advent of our Savior. He has set his favor upon us! I am praying for you continue to serve the Lord with joy, even amidst your own "adventures".