Monday, December 23, 2013

The never-ending Christmas, projects, health updates, and waiting

Today's post is a four-parter.  I am clearing my mental clip board of things I want to say here before we head out on our next great adventure.

1.  The never-ending Christmas: We celebrated our first Christmas this year over Thanksgiving.  With both of our boys and their families here, we exchanged our gifts and enjoyed being together in the opening of them.  Then, little Ezra started causing problems, meaning Tim and Nikki's long-anticipated trip to Canada needed to be canceled, and we decided to go hang out with them over the holiday (what a hardship for us!)  So yesterday we had our home Christmas with Marilyn.  Tonight we have our Christmas with the Hansons in Rio Rancho.  And by Christmas Eve we will be back in Tucson for another Arizona Christmas.  What a wonderful, drawn-put season of celebrating for us!

2.  Projects: I am posting a few more Christmas project photos below.I made picnic quilts for both the boys and their families.  The first is "Canadian Picnic" for Tim and Nikki.  The second is "Gateway to a Picnic" for Ben and Elsa.

3. Health updates: My first remicade injection went off without a hitch, and the combo of being off the cyclosporine and on the remicade looks like a winner-- at least concerning how I feel.  There has been a marked return of energy for which I am very grateful to God.  I am not waking up every morning (as I have for the last 2 years) and wondering how I can possibly make it through the day, and that is something to celebrate.  It remains to be seen if it is doing the job of getting my eye disease into remission.  My next infusion is scheduled for January 3, and then one for January 31.  After that I should see my eye doc and be re-tested some time in March, and set up a recurring treatment schedule based on that outcome. Thanks so much for your prayers, Gentle Reader!

And down in Tucson, Ezra is staying put for the time being.  Mommy, Nikki, is a trooper on full bed rest and medication, and Ezra appears to be doing well.  He has passed the 24-week mark, which is considered the point of viability, but has a long way to go.  Please join me in praying for him to stay put at least 35 weeks-- or 37 or 38 would be even better!

4. Waiting: This is advent.  We wait for our redemption in the unlikely birth of a real baby boy, born to a real girl who was still a virgin.  What an unlikely source for redemption.  I am reminded this year in particular of the poignancy of that story. Of a young girl who trusted God, and a kind man who thought he would put her away quietly to spare her scandal, but believed God instead, and named that baby Jesus.

As we look at our spring with so much up-in-the-air that we cannot really plan any of it,  I am often tempted to despair over my lack of control.  What a beautiful reminder Advent is that God is always in control, and I can wait on Him with patience.  He will be good and true to His word, and send redemption in His perfect timing.  I can wait in confidence, though I can't see how everything will work out.  I can rest because He is sure while nothing else appears to be so.

As you wait this advent season, Gentle Reader, may your mind be fixed on the source of our great redemption, and find rest there.

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Pat said...

Thanks, Dear Chris!

Praying for all those "out-of-control" items--and very grateful for your wonderful ability to encourage me while you're in the thick of things. May God bless your extended Christmas season!!

Looking forward to good news on the eyes when you're retested in March.