Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Everywhere you go...

Another Christmas project recently gifted: felt dolls for my grand daughters.  These are like paper dolls, but made of felt.  And I made them to somewhat resemble each girl.  I still have the pattern I made, so I can continue to send clothing.  This was a really fun project!

The dolls are made of felt, with embroidered mouths and french-knot eyes.  Each doll has a little leotard.  The two-layers of doll body,t eh leotard, and the hair are sewn together.

The clothing was cut from a variety of material and attached to felt backing with wonder-under double-sided fusible interfacing.  Then the clothing was sewn around the outlines, and coated with a fray-stop around the edges.

I covered a plastic binder (with the three-ring insert removed) with flannel and added ribbon ties to provide a "sticky" home for the dolls.


Quotidian Life said...

These are wonderful, Chris. Your granddaughters will love these, I'm sure. Peace upon your hands!

Rebecca said...

These turned out so nice! Thanks for sharing the pics.