Friday, November 03, 2017

Flashback Friday

I recently ran across these beauties from Christmas, 2014.  That doesn't sound too long ago, but look at these faces!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

An apology and a poem

This space has been utterly silent for a month and a little better.  Forgive me, Gentle Readers!  Both busy-ness and illness have kept me elsewhere.  But I hope to return to the discipline of sharing my own encouragements and trials here.  If any of you are still with me, thank you!

These last weeks, like all weeks in this beautiful, broken world, have held delights and challenges: wonderful times with family and friends, and lonely hours in my comfy chair.  But this morning I am dwelling on the goodness of God to direct my days, and the sureness of His providence to send to me those things He deems to be for my good.  What a remarkable place to dwell- in his goodness. 

And Happy Reformation Day.  Ecclesia reformata, semper reformada!

"My Thankful Heart with Glorifying Tongue"  by Anne Bradstreet
My thankful heart with glorying tongue
Shall celebrate Thy name,
Who hath restored, redeemed, recured
From sickness, death, and pain.

I cried, Thou seem'st to make some stay,
I sought more earnestly
And in due time Thou succour'st me
And sent'st me help from high.

Lord, whilst my fleeting time shall last,
Thy goodness let me tell,
And new experience I have gained
My future doubts repel.

An humble, faithful life, O Lord,
Forever let me walk;
Let my obedience testify
My praise lies not in talk.

Accept, O Lord, my simple mite,
For more I cannot give.
What Thou bestow'st I shall restore,
For of thine alms I live.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Recent Projects

A little bit of sewing has been happening round and about all the business of late summer/early fall.  Here are some of my completed projects:

A made a little flannel receiving blanket for a sweet little girl.

I completed a scrappy picnic quilt for some recently married friends.

I made a couple mug rugs to go with some mugs Dave found for me.

And I made some dress-up clothes for my favorite 7-year-old (a skirt and a hooded cape)

I am also happy to say I have started on some Christmas projects, but those can't be shown until next year...

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday with few words

After Ben, Elsa, and E. went home in late July, we kept the girls, and headed to Colorado to meet up with my parents and three of my five siblings.  We had a lovely time!