Saturday, April 23, 2016

Recent projects: E2's Quiet Activity Book

Here are some photos of the quiet activity book I recently completed for Ezra's second birthday.  It seems to be  hit! This first is the cover, with all the pages put together.  THen separate pages follow.

When you unbotton Pampa's old coat and shirt, you find a photo of Pampa and Ezra together! 

The back cover is an enclosed marble maze-- you can push the marble through the "tunnels".

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Acid Canyon Trail

Last Friday for date day, we hiked the Acid Canyon Trail, just off the main drag in our downtown area.  It is a lovely dip into the canyon via an old road, then a short climb back out via the old Los Alamos Boy's School trail.  I know we live in a beautiful place, but what a gem this little trail is- and right in the middle of civilization-- or at least as much civilization as we have in Los Alamos! The trailhead is next to our aquatic center, and is only 0.8 miles and about 200 feet in elevation change. Of course it begins at something just over 7200 ft. in elevation, so take that into account.  Check it out, Gentle Readers!  And you can stay with us when you do!