Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is my life (for now)

This is the view Dave and I had as we sat in our car and ate lunch on Saturday on our way to Pagosa Springs, CO. It was a rather stormy, tempestuous day, to go with the emotions in my heart! Despite the clouds and cold and showers, we enjoyed God's beauty, enjoyed being together, and had a lovely weekend. We had a restful, relaxing time, inter-mixed with heart-felt talk and prayer, and enjoyment of God's lovely creation. I am so grateful for my dear husband, and our mighty God!

In addition to talking and praying with Dave through the weekend, we also talked to our amazing friend Greg (the radiologist) and my smart, amazingly caring primary care doc, Matt. Greg gave us lots of good questions to ask the surgeon, and helped calm me down. Matt gave me his advice from a holistic perspective, and advised that I ask lots of good questions of the surgeon, but wrap my mind around going ahead with the surgery. So I am trying to come up with questions, and be prepared to hand off all my responsibilities again for a while.


It's relatively easy for me to get myself emotionally prepared for trial for a set amount of time. It's tougher to keep to the program when it drags on. I get tired of it. So I have to work at remaining thankful, and reminding myself that this is my life, and God has planned it all this way. And I just need to keep moving forward, remembering that He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it, even if that is a tough road. And it has to be a tough road, in fact, since I am so difficult to train! And I had better start being grateful that God continues the work, even when it's painful for me.

So, I met with my dear friends Ann and Kelley today, who will hold on to my composition class for a while, and be ready to take over my worldviews class. How can I remain ungrateful when I have such selfless friends? And tomorrow I'll tackle other questions, get cd copies of my scans, and research things a bit more. And onward we go.

Please pray:
*That there would be nothing going on in my lymph nodes, and we could become sure of that in a simple a way as possible.
*That the surgeon would be wise and give us excellent advice.
*That I would keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.
*That my students would receive excellent educational experiences, and come to know Christ better, whether I am with them this year or not.
*That I would rest content in God's good plan for my life, despite this crook in my lot, and know contentment at the feet of Christ.
*That God would uphold Dave as he keeps our boat afloat at work, keeps up with his chemistry teaching and church responsibilities, and tries to care for my needs into the bargain.

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