Saturday, September 26, 2009

Technology update...

This is my new cell phone. We are rather old-fashioned in that we have not yet caved in to the texting/internet connection thing. So it is relatively simple. The bad thing about a new phone is having to reprogram all my phone numbers into it. The good side of that it is that it forces me to learn how to use my new phone. Now I won't be recognizing my new ring tones when you call, Gentle Reader!

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NM Garbett's said...

We got a new phone from Verizon and they transferred all the numbers from our old phone to our new ones. You also can go to
and set up an account, and for a one time fee of , I think $5 they will back up you cell phone book at regular intervals that you decide on.. That's what we did, hope this helps. Please don't text me, that's like a step back in time! Leave a voice message. HaHa. I also signed up for free amber alert in my zip code, I only ever received 1. I hope I have helped.