Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A loaded week for Ben

Gentle Readers, please pray for my eldest son, Ben, this week. He's had a rough day.

Ben and Elsa's car has been in the shop for several days, and today he got news that there are more parts needed and more days needed to get the parts. It is their only vehicle, and it is an expensive fix for a fuel pump, hoses, etc.

He received this call while being interviewed for jury selection, and he was selected. They would not excuse him because of his classes, or because of his PhD Greek comps scheduled for this Friday. So he HAS to serve, and the trial starts tomorrow. Please pray for the Classics department to be as understanding as the bailiff said they had to be, and help Ben rearrange all his responsibilities for the duration of the trial. Also, please pray for him to be wise, discerning and just in hearing the evidence and rendering a verdict in whatever type of case comes before him.

And lastly, his dear wife leaves on a trip to Alaska tomorrow for the wedding of a dear friend. Ben already couldn't go because of his comps. So he will be a bachelor for the rest of this week on top of it all! Pray for safe travels for Elsa, and a wonderful time with friends.

Thanks for your prayers, Gentle Reader! The boy needs them!


Renee said...

I'm happy to pray! (but I don't get the picture?)


MagistraCarminum said...

Renee- this is just a silly picture of Ben wearing his blanket as a headdress. I thought it was somehow appropriate...