Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do what you're gonna do...

This morning as I took my walk along White Rock canyon, I was listening to music. (I've not yet loaded my next book onto my Mp3 player...) I enjoyed some music by Steven Delopoulos One of the songs I listened to had the above title, and the words to chorus say something to this effect...
"Do what you're gonna do
Call me when it's over...
I'll have coffee on..."

This song sent me wandering among the friends and acquaintances of the past that, in my youth, I have tried to fix. After all, why wait for the work of the Holy Spirit, when we can do it ourselves? *Sigh* That was sarcasm, Gentle Reader. At first, these lines can seem rather dismissive or fatalistic. But perhaps they point us to something wiser.

We all have those friends, don't we? Those who seem to make repeatedly foolish decisions, or who are unable to overcome those things that oppress them? And in my youth, I thought a truthful, loving friend would make all the difference. And sometimes, that is what God uses to affect change. At other times, not so much. And we are left frustrated that no change is accomplished.

As I have grown farther and farther distant from that youth of mine, I think I have learned that it is not my responsibility to fix everyone who needs fixing. It's my job to speak the truth when asked, or when not asked if public sin is involved. But it is also my responsibility to let people do what they are going to do, and have the coffee ready afterwards, with a plentiful supply of compassion. That is tough for me to accomplish without a fair dose of judgmentalism thrown in. But I am slowly learning to let God deal with others, even when it is painful for me to watch.

I hope this is born of wisdom, and not just weariness. But, since I am not in the place of the Holy Spirit in your life, Gentle Reader, you will have to be the judge.

(You can hear this song on Steven's release over at Noise Trade.)

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