Saturday, September 05, 2009

Ben: update on the poor fellow

Well, Ben's horrible week continues...

The car remains unfixed, though they have replaced everything they planned on replacing. More diagnostics to follow next week.

The jury duty finished in one day (on Thursday all day.) It was a terrible trial, dismissed for lack of evidence, and left Ben pretty stressed out.

Last night he dropped his cell phone, and it completely broke in half and now has no audio.

This morning he went to the bus stop to catch the bus for campus to take his comps. The bus never came. NEVER! He eventually did catch a bus that could get him there, but he was VERY late for the test. He explained everything to the Prof giving the test, who realized that Ben has really had a rough week of it. They had already arranged another time for Ben to take the test in case his jury duty wasn't over, and so they agreed to meet then and he'll take it then. I haven't yet made contact with him, so I'm not sure when that is. This is all through his little bro, Tim, who managed to talk to him.

These are the times when God seems to shine strong in our weakness. Please pray that Ben would trust Him in the midst of all these reminders that Ben is not ultimately in control, that all would be well, and that, even though he is an adult and 25 years old, his momma could stop worrying about him and feeling heart-broken for him!

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