Friday, August 07, 2009

Today in Santa Fe

I had a day in Santa Fe with my dh. Here are a few of the highlights:
~Deck blocks weigh about 50 pounds a piece. I should not try to lift them.
~We found a great restaurant for lunch named Joe's Diner (intersection of Zia and Rodeo Roads). Dave had a beef brisket quesadilla, and I had a grilled ham, brie and peach sandwich. Both were fabulous!
~When you have a coupon to get an extra 20% off everything you buy at Kohls, and everything you buy is already 50-80% off, you can save some real money.
~When ordering something at a Vietnamese restaurant that comes with rice paper, look for the bowl of hot water. That is where you are supposed to put the rice paper before you wrap other things in it and eat it. (Good food at the Saigon Cafe on Cordova for dinner!)
~After you've been married for 29 years, a day of shopping and eating adventure is perhaps more delightful than it was 29 years ago.

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