Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hip-hooray for Elsa

Our sweet dil Elsa has just gotten a new job. As most of you know, Elsa is married to our son, Ben, a PhD student at Indiana University. Elsa is such a wonderfully supportive wife, and working so hard and responsibly to keep their little boat afloat while Ben is raking in the money as a teaching assistant. She stocked shelves for a while at Kroger. And then she has spent the last year-plus as a secretary in the graduate school of business. They didn't really know how to use her amazing mind and energy, but she was a blessing to them, I am sure! Now, she will be shifting to administrative assistant in the department of ballet and opera in the school of music. In addition to a slight raise, she gets two season tickets to the opera! This should be a better fit for Elsa, with more responsibility and less time to fill, and she should get to work closely with her sister, Mariel, who is a music librarian at IU. And Elsa was a flute performance major (along with her English major) so this area should hold more interest for her. This has been a matter of prayer for many of us, and it is wonderful to see God answer our prayers so graciously.

Congratulations, Elsa! We know you will be a blessing to the department, and you continue to be a blessing to Ben and to us!

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