Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mid-week miscellany

Some thoughts on marriage: Here is a bit of good, practical advice for those of us in the estate of wedded bliss. Though we've been married less than half the time of the couple mentioned here, it resonates with me! And Al Mohler has some interesting thoughts about the changes our culture is pushing for in the area of marriage. And this piece by Ross Douthat in the NY Times is excellent, too.
Some thoughts on babies: This is an amazing new technology to help doctors and others visualize what's going on in the womb. And they are little works of art! Be sure and flip through the photos! Here are some thoughts on population control from a carbon-footprint perspective. And here are some excellent thoughts from a doctor about handling the painful death of a child in-utero. Well worth reading and considering.
Just for fun this week: Fun sandwiches, anyone? These little works of art would delight your children...

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Mrs. Edwards said...

Great links. The sandwiches are out of my league, that is for sure!

The Ross Douthat article was interesting. I think the grasp for happiness through feminism reaches the result that the grasp for acceptance and affirmation by gays reaches. The goal is reached and grabbed for, but the hand is painfully empty.

On the other hand, I appreciated John Piper pointing out in his sermon this week that it is only cultures that have been impacted by the gospel that honor women in any way.

I always appreciate you, even when I don't take time to comment.