Friday, August 14, 2009

Redemptive tweets and other thoughts...

After reading this excellent reflection this morning (thanks, TC), I am pondering my twitter posts of late. Dr. Sills write in part:
Someone has said that humility is not thinking less of yourself, just thinking of yourself less. Enter Twitter and Facebook. Humility used to guide believers to wait and let others praise them and not do it themselves. The heroes of yesteryear who reluctantly received the crowd’s adulation have been replaced with shameless personal promoters who peddle their self-made brand to as many as possible by all means possible—under the guise of social networking. I will admit that these folks seem to be larger than life superstars with all the news that’s fit to tweet, if it’s all true, but seriously, all this genuflecting is making my pants baggy...
...Remember Jesus? I have tried to imagine Jesus tweeting and sending Facebook updates like many that I see.

“Just healed a blind man.”

“Lunching today with chief tax man in Jericho @Zacchaeus.”

“Walked on water this evening, disciples amazed I could calm a storm. lol.”

“Fed 5,000 men and their families with a boy’s lunch today.”

“Washed the disciples feet. Being intentional to exercise and model humility.”

“Check my reviews from the crowds last Friday. #Jerusalem”...

This makes me wonder if my posting of my apple productivity is bragging. How do we redeem this medium, anyway? Do I honor God in my tweeting?

In the latest version of the Mars Hill Audio Journal (I highly recommend subscribing if you haven't, and they have a very affordable downloadable version now!) there is a fascinating interview with Makoto Fujimura. One of the topics included his thoughts on blogging, and how those taking part in blogging now have an opportunity to mold the media. That is a redemptive thought.

How do I redeem my twitter and blog posts to reflect Christ and encourage others to follow him instead of just me? Something good to ponder.

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Randy Greenwald said...

How do I redeem my blog posts? I have two suggestions:

1) Keep doing exactly what you are doing.

2) Ask someone you love to hold you accountable.

For the record, to share your joys (over apple productivity) is not boasting. To show that you are better than others is. My impression is that your motivation tilted more in the direction of the first.