Saturday, August 22, 2009

A rising star...

Last night we had the privilege of attending a performance by our young friend, Nicky Rood. She performed mostly original pieces, and did a fabulous job. She performed in a lovely space at Vanessie in Santa Fe, and we enjoyed listening in the company of friends. Nicky is on her way to Berklee College of Music in Boston, having just completed high school. Take a listen to this, found on Youtube:

Watch for this girl's name. I feel confident she is going places. And her heart is sweet...may God preserve her sweet heart in the brutal music business!

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THE MOM said...

Chris, thanks for the video of Nicky. We had our son and his 7 year old visiting us and it was pizza night so couldn't make it to Vanessie's.
Nicky does have a great talent, lovely voice and piano ability. Hope she comes to NM again so we can hear her perform.