Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun fellowship

We enjoyed lots of fellowship this weekend. On Saturday, we enjoyed having some missionary friends of our join us for lunch. We have supported them in several spots around South America, and now they are doing prison ministry in Colorado. They are a joy and a treasure to us. ANd they do such brave and sacrificial work for the Lord that they always make me feel like a spiritual coward by comparison. They are dear and amazing people, with tender hearts for God's people.

And on Sunday after church, this group gathered around our table: Marilyn on the left, Dave on the right, Our dear friend from NYC, Kirk Van der Swaagh, at the far end, half-hidden from by the flowers, and on the left side, Kris and Jacob Hollis, and Kendall and Drew Hollis on the right side. We have crossed paths many times with the Van der Swaaghs: first, their daughter and son took online classes with our boys, and participated in Schola Summer Academy in Idaho with us (and that is where we met Kirk, too.) Then Hannah was in Elsa's class at Hillsdale, and we had the privilege of running into her there, and even hearing her play. And additionally, the matriarch of the clan, Barbara, has been a virtual friend via my classical education loop for many years. That brings in the Hollis connection: Kris also knows Barbara via that loop.

It was fun hearing about life in Greenwich Village, and talking about our quirky life here in Los Alamos.

What a blessing the fellowship of God's family is!

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