Saturday, August 08, 2009

Domestic beauty

Today we had the pleasure of friends for lunch: long-time, long-distance friends. What a pleasure to sit and visit... and we get to enjoy them next weekend as well. And more long-distance and local friends are coming for lunch tomorrow. What a blessing friendship is!

Today was an apple processing day, in-between company. There is something so very pleasing about harvesting, processing, and storing up...storing up not to hoard, but storing up for the winter, storing up so you can be generous to others, being good stewards fo the wealth God has bestowed.

I probably should have an apple photo. But I am still so enamored of the RMNP photos, that I want to keep using them. And now, to add to the beauty from our wonderful trip, I have the beauty of freshly made pies and cakes in my freezer, and jars of lovely applesauce! Domestic beauty is no less beautiful because it is domestic!

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