Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Updates on various things

Update No. 1: I have a new computer! Hurrah! Tim built it, and I have been getting things installed on it. Now, hopefully, I can return to a more regular schedule of blogging!

Update No. 2: Still no word on the echo-cardiogram. I called and spoke to the nurse today, and should hear something some time soon. I presume that if it was really bad news, I would have heard by now.

Update No. 3: We had a lovely weekend! It was busy an exhausting and terribly fun!

Tim and Nikki arrived on Thursday evening, and on Friday morning, we had a rainy but glorious 5-mile hike in the Jemez. We travelled from the East Fork trailhead, up along the ridge lines about 3 miles (to somewhere over 9,000 feet in elevation), then dropped down into Las Conchas canyon and followed the river out to the highway. It was beautiful, and felt like a real accomplishment to me!

On Saturday morning, Dave and Tim ran in a 5K race, and both did very well. We followed the race with our post-race tradition of the best breakfast burritos in the world from Chiliworks. Yum!

After the breakfast burritos, I taught Nikki how to make pie crust, and we made pies for the party that night. She is a quick student, and the pies were delicious!

We had about 20 folks for dinner on July 4th, and then walked over to the beautiful fireworks at Overlook Park. After the fireworks, we returned home with something like 30 people to light off another hour or two of fountains and poppers in our driveway. it was a lovely evening!

Update No.4: The Finches were all trained by Nikki to fly the coup, and did so on Saturday and Sunday. She held them, chased them, enjoyed them, and became their surrogate mother!

It was a lovely weekend!

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Renee said...

What's the first thing I notice? Your Eagle Brand apron. How fun! I couldn't read the whole thing but if it says "I get to lick the can" then sign me up! :-)

Glad you had such a great time with your family.