Thursday, July 02, 2009


We have a wonderful weekend ahead of us: Tim and Nikki here, 20 for dinner on Saturday and fireworks, and 12 for lunch on Sunday. I have always loved planning and carrying out these fun party times! I have felt a bit off my money, however. I finally resorted to writing out menus so I could think through my grocery trip. I completed my trip, and was about to head for home, feeling pretty accomplished, when I realized I had locked my keys in the car.


God bless my wonderful husband, who hopped in the car and drove the 10 minutes to the store before realizing he didn't have the right keys, and he took another 10 minutes to run home for the keys and come back. And thank God that we live in a little town, without much traffic! So in the meanwhile, I tried to stand inconspicuously in a corner of the grocery store, piling all the frozen food onto my slowly melting ice cream.

My temptation, once I got in the car, into my house, and had the ice cream in the freezer, was to stick my eyes squarely on my own miserable self, and feel very sorry that my mind doesn't work well and my feet ache after half an hour of standing in Smiths. Isn't that ridiculous? Such little bumps are the stuff of life, and I had better learn to lower my pride, and raise my trust in the Lord.

So I think a nap is in order, in my comfy chair, with my bible in hand. And after a rest, I'll enjoy the anticipation of family gathering round. And I'll concentrate on being grateful, despite my limitations.

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