Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Between the black sky and the blue

Last night we watched the sunset behind the Santa Fe opera, and enjoyed an evening of Mozart. It was Don Giovanni, which is not my favorite of Mozart operas, but he does get his just desserts in the end, which is good. It was a lovely evening of glorious views and music.

And today I had tea with a former student who has become a friend. What a blessing that is.

This road of life is so full of surprises of every kind-- and so many blessings if you have eyes to see them. I am listening to a lovely song by Fernando Ortega which seems to apply:


Sometimes it takes a storm

To really know the light

The scent of rain

The weight of clouds

Pulling down the sky

Sometimes it takes a storm

To know how you feel

To understand indigo

And the varnished sun

Lighting up the fields

It takes the rain between the lines to know what sorrow finds

The way a cloud divides sometimes

The clearing and the blue

I love you

I was just passing through

And taken by surprise

Between the black sky

And the blue

Between the black sky and the blue

I love you

I love you


Les said...

Hi, Chris :-)

Sometimes, after reading your posts, I'm absolutely convinced that you need to change the name of your blog. What you're writing is definitely not "folly" :-) I'm gaining encouragement upon encouragement as I follow your ups & downs. You're a blessing--as you always have been to us.


Kyte said...

A blessing indeed. :) Love!