Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, a week ago

Last Monday, Dave and I started our day with a 4+ mile hike which climbed about 300 feet to around 9700 feet, circled an alpine lake, and then descended about 700 feet into a valley via a huge aspen and wildflower-covered mountainside, on switch-backs. It was glorious!

Lake Bierstadt was lovely, despite the cloudy weather. The clouds made it possible for me to climb without the threat of spontaneous combustion. There were ducks up there that were very used to people, and I thought they might even be trained in picking the pockets of unaware bypassers!

The descent was long and beautiful, with the view of the valley seen below in one direction, and the view of the high peaks in the other.

And the flowers were amazing...wild campanula, Indian Paintbrush, penstemon, rock crop, columbine, billions of asters and daisies and other yellow composites, and the jewel of the trip, the Mariposa lily seen below.

To be continued...

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