Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sundays with Jean

A few favorite quotes from recent reading of Calvin's institutes of the CHristian Religion:

Here, therefore, let us stand fast: our life shall best conform to God's will and the prescription of the law when it is in every respect most fruitful for our brethren.

...[H]e set before his eyes not what the changing course of the world brings--more unstable than the ocean tides--but what the Lord will do when he will one day sit in judgment to determine the permanent state of heaven and earth.

The Lord held to this orderly plan inm administering the covenant of his mercy: as the day of full revelation approached with the passing of time, the more he increased each day the brightness of its manifestation.

(And for a practical example of this continuing unfolding of God's one plan and character, you might read the excellent post here.)

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