Monday, May 04, 2009

Dave in the pulpit

When our pastor is on travel, our ruling elders take turn filling the pulpit. All of our ruling elders are PhD scientists, and none of them feel very well equipped for this daunting task. One of our pastor's suggestion to these scientific-types has been to find a sermon they really like by some other preacher, and then rewrite and rework it for themselves. That way they are imitating someone who has been trained and prepared for the task of filling the pulpit.

Well, Sunday was my dear husband's turn. He was very convicted by a sermon from John Piper on the necessity of scripture memory recently, and used that as his model. He did an excellent job! You can find an audio file of the sermon here, at the bottom of the list, listed as "Your Word Have I Treasured in My Heart", Ruling Elder David Finnegan, May 03, 2009 (Psalm 119:9-17). I am sure it will edify you as it did me, Gentle Reader, if you choose to give it a listen...

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