Friday, May 08, 2009


Today I pruned and fed my roses. I usually try to do this around April 15, but May 8 will have to do! I guess it is always better to get it done than not to do it at all. At this point, there is so much new growth on the roses that it seems downright cruel to cut away the canes to about 18 inches tall, removing any that are growing the wrong direction, or have signs of disease. But unless we do this in the spring, we will have unhealthy bushes later, and won't get the stunning roses that I love so much. And the amazing thing is that once the pruning is done, the plants grow like wild and become quickly lush and beautiful.

After the pruning I give the roses a tablespoon of epsom salt in a gallon of water, and give them rose fertilizer. After the severity of pruning, deep feeding is necessary.

Everywhere I turn in my gardening adventures, I find metaphors for the spiritual life!

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