Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Mr. Knightly

Yesterday was Dave's day off, so after he finished teaching his high school chemistry class, we decided on the spur of the moment to pull together a picnic and head up into the mountains. We hiked the half-mile to Jemez Falls from the lovely picnic area after eating part of our picnic, then hiked another 1.5 miles on a cross-country ski trail in the Bandelier backcountry. Then we proceeded to head into to town for the remainder of our picnic in the shade of a lovely ponderosa pine tree in a local park. We spread a blanket, finished our meal, and then I rested in the breeze as Dave read to me. At one point, he said, "Don't you feel like we're in some Jane Austen novel, hiking and reading aloud during an al fresco luncheon?" I replied that he was definitely my Mr. Knightly, but after consideration, decided I really was not his Emma. I would have to be his Eleanor, or maybe his Anne, but Emma just wouldn't do...

Maybe the fact that Dave was reading Calvin's Institutes to me wrecks the romantic picture. It would never do for Maryanne Daschwood. But it did just fine for me.

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Anonymous said...

When you and Dave first knew one another the Emma/Knightly analogy would have worked very well. You're right, though, you are no longer that Emma!