Monday, May 11, 2009

A small-town adventure

Today, I've been reminded of the many joys of living in a small town. The small joys and adventures that a small community can offer are really rather priceless.

Early this morning, I joined some friends to work out at our local Curves, and enjoyed friendship and conversation.

I then proceeded to a friend's house to give her a quick lesson in pruning mature roses. What fun to look at canes with her and discuss what would be good for her roses!

I then headed to the local hospital for my one-year check-up with the surgeon, who gave me the thumbs-up, and released me from his care. Hurrah!

I then drove to what is officially and affectionately called "The Lemon Lot". The lemon lot is where county residents can place used vehicles they would like to sell. The old 1990 Subaru has recently returned to its old hunting grounds: it taught Ben to drive, and Tim after him, took Ben to college, transferred to Tim, then to Nikki, and recently came home from Tucson. And we don't want to keep it in the fleet, so I deposited it on the lemon lot this morning, and Dave has already received a couple of inquiries!

After that, I walked about a mile through town on a beauty sunny day, with the crab apple trees in full bloom, and picked up a delicious cup of chai tea from Starbucks, before finding my way to the bus stop. We have had a bus system for about a year here, and I have never used it before. It's funny how, after 25 years living in a place without mass transit, you can get a little nervous about it... So, today was my day to tackle the bus system. Atomic City Transit is a wonderful city service, free of charge to riders, and can get you all over the county! I caught the bus at the Science Museum, just a block from Starbucks, and rode it all the way to the corner of my street. It was great!

Now, if this all sounds terribly boring to you, stay in your big city. I found it a lovely little adventure.


Randy Greenwald said...

Bradenton is neither big city nor small. But I rather think that one in a big city would experience the same things as you. People develop their space, their campus, and find little pleasures in each step. I would think that the place where what you experienced would be absent would be a suburban setting.

Elsa said...

Poor Jenny! After so many years of service, she's been labeled a lemon. I hope she finds a loving family.

MagistraCarminum said...

Yes, Elsa, she has been a faithful companion, and travelled all the way from MI to NM at least 6 or 8 times! She is still going strong...