Thursday, May 07, 2009


For many years, ever since dating and early marriage, Dave has called me his "Petunia". This began because when we would play Frisbee, or tickle each other, or play around as newlyweds are wont to do, I would always end up bruised, just like the delicate flower of the petunia can be easily crushed and bruised. So, despite evidence to the contrary, he would call me his Petunia.

Recently I read the blog of a friend who described her struggle with what she calls DFS. She is a breast cancer survivor, who is still battling her recurrent disease, and when she received good news, she attributed her aches and pains as a flair up of her "DFS". DFS stands for Delicate Flower Syndrome. This is much more medical-sounding than being called a petunia. And it describes things so well. Back and feet hurt? "It's a flair of my DFS." Suddenly people are sympathetic rather than skeptical. I told her I'm going to borrow her term.

And how was my day? My DFS was acting up this afternoon, so I slept for an hour...

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