Thursday, January 22, 2009

Updates on us all

I thought I would give a little update on the family today.

Ben and Elsa are doing very well, and we are getting excited about visiting them, Lord willing, in March, during Ben's spring break. Elsa continues working in the office at the School of Business at Indiana, and hopes to move to graduate admissions work there this spring. Ben is in the second semester of his PhD studies, and has a comprehensive test before him this semester, and several more years of study ahead. He seems to still enjoy what he is doing, however.

They remain active in their church. World Magazine recently ran an article about one of the elders at their church, a man who is in their small group. You can read about this fascinating gentleman here.

We really enjoyed our time with Tim and Nikki in Tucson last weekend. We had a lovely lunch with friends of theirs who run a bed and breakfast in Tucson. If any of you are travelling that way and want a wonderful place to stay, check out the Jeremiah Inn Bed and Breakfast.

Nikki has her interview for her permanent residence visa on February 12th. Please pray with us that they will grant her a visa, and free her to change her name legally, apply for a social security number legally, and do the myriad of things one can only do with one (like be placed on their bank account and get a valid driver's license!)

Dave continues to head up the working group for his area at the Test Site in Nevada, and to plug away at monitoring ground water there. He is faithful in so many areas. And this spring we pass 17 years since his last cancer battle. Perhaps Dave's faithfulness only reflects the amazing faithfulness God has shown to him!

And I am doing well. I continue to battle fatigue, but am resting in God's arms as best I can. I will see my primary care doc next week, and a pulmonary specialist the following week to discuss my sarcoidosis. Please pray for me to keep my eyes fixed where they need to be, and not to grow discouraged by my lack of energy. Ask the Lord to help me make every minute count for eternity, despite my weariness.

He is faithful to us all!

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