Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A trip to Tucson

This past weekend we spent a lovely few days with Tim and Nikki in Tucson. Watch for photos popping up of the strange and rugged beauty of that area!

We enjoyed a Lord's Day lunch with friends of theirs from their church. We found that one of my classed friends has a lovely daughter who married one of their sons. This lead to a friendly discussion about home schooling. Our gracious hosts explained their schooling decisions, and as I explained ours, I mentioned my worries that perhaps I had "ruined" my children. This is the secret fear of every conscientious homeschooling mom. I commented that as newly-Reformed, young believers, we had catechized our kids up one side and down the other, and wondered if they would show some latent problem because of our zealous experiment. Our hostess commented that Tim seemed "just great, but she was beginning to worry about his mom!" We all had a lovely laugh together.

This teasing made me think about the fact that our educational experiment has, indeed, been successful, and that I had better let go of my own insecurities. And God has been gracious to us, and allowed us the joy of watching grown men, with godly and lovely wives, continuing to serve Him.

If you are still in the midst of raising your children, Gentle Readers, keep your eyes focused on Christ. Whatever He calls you to do, do with confidence. He is gracious, indeed!

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Mrs. Edwards said...

I recently chatted with a newly-married young woman at Bible Study Fellowship. She asked where my kids went to school, and I explained that I homeschooled them.

"Oh!" she smiled, "When did you decide to do that?"

I laughed and told about the year our girls were four and I carried out a home preschool--just to prove to myself I could do it for "real" come kindergarten.

"My husband was homeschooled for everything except high school," she remarked. I wondered if she was imagining if my life would be her future.

Her comment made me fast-forward 15-20 years in our lives to wonder: Will the spouses of our kids catch the homeschool vision? Will God call them to that? Will I be disappointed if He doesn't?

I love reading about your grown-up sons and how God has been so good to them. I also enjoy seeing you quietly take satisfaction in the accomplishment of their education, that God led you to give them. Thanks for sharing.