Monday, January 05, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. J.P.

One of the special things we did over the holidays was attend the wedding of former students and friends, Jesse and Elise. Jesse, along with his younger brother Joey, were like additional sons to us as our boys were growing up, and we love both families involved, so it was very special to watch Jesse and Elise begin this new stage of life together. What a privilege to be invited!

Here is Joey, dancing with younger sister Lucita, while another younger sister, Preciosa, looks on.

Ben and Elsa did some dancing, too! They really do dance execellently after their two semesters of dance classes at Hillsdale!

Elsa and Ben are laughing and talking with Joey and Sarah. This was our first time to meet Sarah, though we have prayed for her for a long time. She is delightful!

And here are two of our favorite gals: Emily and Nikki.

And finally, the happy couple, on their way out into the snowy day, and the rest of their lives. Our prayers will follow Jesse and Elise to Tennessee, where they will begin their new life together.

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