Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Homeschooling for the harvest

Mrs. Edwards' comment from my post yesterday got me to thinking about my homeschool journey. One of my classical homeschooling friends also wrote along the same lines:
I went to a meeting of moms in our church who homeschool — they aren’t numerous but they are all wonderful. We started talking about another homeschool mom who has finished her homeschooling journey and another mom said that she used to ask her how she did it and how she wasn’t intimidated and the response was this: “I always pray ‘Lord, let it be enough.’ “ So that is now my prayer.

I prayed several prayers regularly during those in-the-thick-of-it homeschooling years. One that I still pray occasionally is, "Lord, make up for all my mistakes." I also prayed that my boys would always get caught in wrong-doing so they could be corrected. God was gracious to answer both of those prayers with abundance! I think the trick is to figure out what you've been called by God to do with your life and your kids.

It can be a weary road to be obedient. And if God has called you to homeschool, you need to tough it out and learn to depend on Him in it. If He has called you to have your children in the public school system, you need to tough it out and learn to depend on Him through it. The vital thing is to know your calling from God, and then stick to it. Sensing His call makes a huge difference. He is so gracious, even and especially, through the toughest times when we are being obedient to that calling.

“Is that your plough leaning by the tree, and is it not too heavy?”

“It is heavy,” answered the Princess,” but I love to turn the hard earth
into soft furrows and know that I am making good soil wherein my seeds
may grow. When I feel the weight too much, I try to think of the

~“Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” by Kate Douglas Wiggin

So, let's get on with our plowing, Gentle Readers. My time of homeschooling is behind me, and right now my calling is to my comfy chair and my heating pad. But let's carry on and think of the harvest that is coming.

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