Thursday, February 19, 2009

A wonderful surprise

Last night, after Dave had done some work for his chemistry class and I had replaced books on a bookshelf in our repainted office, we decided to call it an early night, turn out the lights, and head to the bedroom to read. As I was checking my e-mail at about 8:45, my cell phone rang. It was our friend Greg, the amazing friend who has been my second opinion, read all my scans, and been our adviser through many trials. He asked how we were doing, and I told him we were fine. He asked if he was getting me out of bed, and I laughed and said, "No, we're just checking e-mail." Then he said, "Well, do you think you could come to your front door?" And there he was! What a lovely surprise! He was, huggable and in person! It turns out he is doing some collaborative/oversight work at Sandia National Lab in Albuquerque today, and he drove up last night to pop in on the bible study at church, and then drop over here. I'm still smiling today.

Greg, and his dear wife, Lauri, are some of those very special, life-time friends. They lived here in Los Alamos years ago, when Greg was doing a post-doc at the lab, and they are amazing people. Greg is brilliant and hard working, and Lauri is the most wonderful support for him. They are wonderful parents and friends, godly encouragers and prayer warriors, and they both have huge hearts that are always giving. They lived outside of Detroit during the years our boys were in college in MI, so we got to enjoy their hospitality several times. Now, we are looking for ways to get to Hershey, PA, or get their whole family to come visit us!

We love Greg and Lauri. They are part of the network of blessings God has brought about in our lives to uphold us and encourage us. You all would love them, too!

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