Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Marching onward

I am posting from my parents' Mac this morning-- a first for me! So if you notice any odd formatting, you'll know why. I am spending a couple days here while Dave is on travel, and headed home in the morning. Glad Marilyn is holding down the fort...

Yesterday I went to see the pulmanologist. He grew up in Los Alamos, so we had a lot of chat about that. We also chatted about my sarcoid. I discovered there is not much of it in this part of the country: it is a Northern climes disease mostly. And while the doctor is skeptical that my current symptoms are associated with sarcoid, he has his own batch of tests he wants to run to make sure. So, Thursday I will have a high-definition CT-scan of my chest to look for a strange presentation of sarcoidosis that doesn't show up on regular chest x-rays or CTs. And as soon as they call me to schedule it, I will be doing a complete lung-function test/work-up again. Apparently there are also some calcium issues that can be associated with sarcoid...but the doc said we would discuss that when I return following the lung function work-up. Oh joy. More tests.

I did find out some interesting things about this disease. It can look like almost anything. The biopsy I had is not considered final or official diagnosis: that can only be had by performing a bronchoscopy with biopsy of both tissue and fluid in the lungs. Apparently there can be other reasons for granulomas in the lymph nodes. (Again, oh joy...) It seems the bronchoscopy is the only sure-fire diagnostic tool for this disease, and even if the disease is not active, it will show up in those places. The doc warned me that this may be necessary in the future.

I also have continued to research tamoxifen, and have discovered many additional things, including a whole long list of foods and drugs I should avoid while I am on it, a good explanation of the mechanism of the drug, and support for dealing with symptoms. *sigh*

So, Gentle Readers, please don't stop praying for me yet (or ever!) Onward we march in this adventure, looking to God to provide the sure foundation only He can.

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Cindy Marsch said...

Keeping up with your progress, dear. Yes, keep doing that research! I'm doing my own for my own little medical world, and I have some articles and questions for my doc when my pathology report comes back. :-)