Thursday, February 26, 2009

I boldly come

This morning is one of those mornings when just getting up is a chore for me. Facing my day is overwhelming, and I don't really have anything I *have* to do. I keep finding my mind returning to the old refrain, "Is this really all God expects of my life-- that I struggle to rise, and stumble through the day trying not to complain, and accomplish little to nothing?" And these are my thoughts, even though I have little to really complain about. SO how will I get out of this pit?

Well, a response to yesterday's post here helped me to get my frame of mind on a better footing. (Thanks, Adri!) And the answer is the same old answer. Get my eyes off of myself. Get my eyes on Jesus. So come along, Gentle Reader, and reflect with me on just who this God is that we worship. The CD I mentioned yesterday is again playing as I write. Let me share another beautiful song with you:

I Come By the Blood by Steve and Vikki Cook

You are the perfect and righteous God
Whose presence bears no sin
You bid me come to Your holy place
How can I enter in
When Your presence bears no sin?
Through Him, who poured out His life for me
The atoning Lamb of God
Through Him, and His work alone
I boldly come

I come by the blood, I come by the cross
Where Your mercy flows
From hands pierced for me
For I dare not stand on my righteousness
My every hope rests on what Christ has done
And I come by the blood

You are the high and exalted King
The One the angels fear
So far above me in every way
Lord, how can I draw near
To the One the angels fear?
Through Him who laid down His life for me
And ascended to Your side
Through Him, through Jesus alone
I boldly come

So, with this song singing in my heart, I am going to sit in my comfy chair with my heating pad, and read God's word, and remember that He cannot love me less for my sin, nor more for my works. I will boldly come before my Lord, and give him my days, such as they are.


Jenifer said...
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Jenifer said...

Hi, Chris! Sorry today is one of the tough ones. I'm glad you have someone who can admonish you to remember important things. We all need friends who can. Unfortunately, I am not one of them! It makes me sad when you feel crappy, and you feeling bad makes it harder to be grateful for a medication which holds so much promise. So how about if we compromise? When you feel crappy, I will endeavor to feel gratitude so you don't have to expend so much energy in that direction ;)Love you, Jen

MagistraCarminum said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jeni! And don't worry if you don't see a comment show up right away... I have to approve them first, so sorry you have two here now. I'll try to figure out how to remove one tomorrow. :-)