Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rain on snow

This afternoon it rained on all of our lovely snow. I always find rain on top of snow a depressing thing, melting, making dirty, and then freezing over. But this evening as it turns cold, there is still enough snow to look lovely in the twilight.

Today has been a less weary day somehow. I accomplished things around the house, attended a short Christmas party with my worldviews students, and walked and talked with a friend before resting in my comfy chair with a good book. When I climb into my chair each day, and recline it with a heating pad under my back and a flannel quilt on top of me, a good book in my hands, and the late afternoon sun reflecting on the clouds through the large windows in my bedroom, I feel so blessed.

Tim called while I was resting and he was driving home from work, and we will get to see them earlier than we thought on Tuesday, which will be great! I am so excited to be gathering all the chicks in for a cozy Christmas!

Tonight was planned to be the chorus concert for the homeschool chorus I directed--the one we had to cancel when I could no longer direct and we lost our accompanist. In order to keep from being melancholy, the four chorus board couples are going out to dinner together tonight. I love these people, and it is a treat to be meeting up with them all! God has been so generous to me by giving me these sweet friends-- I am truly blessed!

On the health front, I do best when I exercise and rest, and try to be patient with the process. I need to remind myself this is part of the recovery process for me, and let my body set the tempo. Thank you to all who have prayed for my rash to go away. Unfortunately, it has not gone away yet, but it is quite improved after my 2 weeks on steroids. I am to continue the steroids for two more weeks, until I see my primary care doc, so we have two more weeks to treat it and pray before I have to have a skin biopsy. So keep those prayers coming!

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