Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love Christmas. And it really is beginning to look like Christmas-- with snow on the ground, and more on its way, the Christmas lights up, and the carols playing! Marilyn got ambitious yesterday and baked a batch of sugar cookies, which we all decorated last night. And the count-down is on: just one week until Ben and Elsa arrive, and 10 days until Tim and Nikki arrive. I am rejoicing in the thought of having all my "chicks" gathered in one place this holiday season!

God has been so good to me in this turbulent year. He has blessed me with two wonderful sons, and two wonderful daughters, an amazing husband, a helpful mother-in-law, and I have beaten a dread disease (at least for now!) And more than that, He sent his son to die in my place. I should never complain about anything!


Jenny said...

Yes it is!!! I finished several batches of cookies and fudge today to take with me to Hillsdale. Hopefully it will help to chase away those exam blues.

Randy Greenwald said...

Hey, pretty cool! We picked up two children this past year as well. Two pretty special children.

Have a great Christmas with your brood!