Monday, December 08, 2008


I have had lots of heavy, reflective posts lately. So how about a light post for a change?

If you don't already know about it, check out Pandora and Music Genome Project. This is basically a free online radio station, where you get to set the parameters of the music on your station or stations. It uses a large database of music, all categorized by stylistic elements. You can further refine it by saying which songs you like, dislike, or only want to hear once a month. You can start your radio station by choosing either an artist or a song you like, and Pandora will choose similar pieces for you. I currently have an Eclectic Mix station I'm listening to that is centered around Fernando Ortega, Nikel Creek, Bebo Norman, Alison Kraus, and Chris Rice. It's delightful-- and the price is right! They even have a bunch of Christmas stations to choose from. The classical Christmas station is fabulous. Check it out!

I ran across this fun post from Tim Challies: How to Encourage a Blogger this Christmas. He gives some excellent suggestions. I am only a baby-blogger, but some of these would encourage me. I love it when people take the time to leave comments (hint, hint...)

And finally, here is one just for our Alien Fiance, my sweet immigrant dil. See how the Bush administration was prepped for the culture exchange on a trip to Canada here.

We are expecting our first real winter storm of the year tonight. I can't wait for snow to fall on my Christmas lights outside. You gotta love a season with lights AND snow! May you all have a cozy day, Gentle Readers, and cherish the gifts of God in the every day!


Dominion Family said...

I can take a hint:) Lights and snow are nice in December. I have an aversion to winter after Christmas.

Mrs. Edwards said...

As a blogger I love getting comments; as a blog reader I worry about being annoying!

Thanks for these fun links!

Randy Greenwald said...

Lights and what?

[Also, I'm prepping my own Pandora post. You beat me out of the gate!]

Warmly from Florida,


Cindy Marsch said...

I'm loving my new Pandora setup--thanks!