Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meeting Ada

 One of the highlights of a lovely (if exhausting for me) weekend was meeting our granddaughter Adeline bell for the first time.  She looks much like her daddy did at this age, and is a sweet little bundle of more than 10 lbs at 6 weeks.
 Nikki, Tim and Emma joined us on Saturday, and we had quite a time of it. The cousins met for the first time.  Emma was gentle and very interested-- maybe too interested-- so we had to protect Ada just a little! (Ada's not quite ready to share the book or the ratttle yet!)
 While the travel, extra activity, and even baby-holding was pretty tiring for me, it was a treat to be with Ada and Elsa and Ben!

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Cindy Marsch said...

All the photos make me smile! :-D