Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, here it is, Gentle Readers, Valentine's Day, and my yearly tradition of sending things to my children and grandchildren, and having cards and candy for Marilyn and Dave, has been broken.  I knew on some level that it was coming, but couldn't overcome the entropy of recovery to do anything about it.  And now, today, I am sad to miss the opportunity to say "I love you" to my sweet family in a special way.  And I can't even get on Dayspring.com to send e-cards because their site is overwhelmed by last-minute Valentines like me.  Bummer!

So, in lieu of actually being a thoughtful daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, wife, mother, or grandmother, and since it is "Wednesday without words" day anyway, let me share a few pictures of my sweetest, most beloved people.  Wishing you all the love of Jesus today!
 Me with my honey, taken in December
 Sweet Adeline Bell
 Ben babysitting
 Elsa, being a tender new mom
 Emma on the llama Pampa made for her
 Emma on Tim
 Nikki with Ada

 With my sisters Jeni and Gwen at Christmas
"GG" Marilyn with Emma
My parents relaxing late on Christmas night


Cindy Marsch said...

Now be easy on yourself, dear friend. You wouldn't bear the least grudge against all those people you mention if they didn't "remember" you on this day, would you? You would think of all the things going on in their lives that kept them from what you know they'd want to say or give. So be at least as forgiving of yourself!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jenifer Hanson said...

I hope Cindy is right - since I've been so wrapped up in my own stuff this past week or so I missed this day altogether. Of course, you still know I love you, right?! Thanks for sharing the photos, and for including the one with your sisters!