Monday, February 20, 2012

Lenten devotional

Looking for a way to help prepare your children to understand the meaning of Resurrection Day like you did during Advent for Christmas? Look no further.  My friend, Amy, has a lovely family devotional guide ready for use during the traditional period of Lent (starting on Wednesday.)  She gives interesting background on the various thoughts of church fathers about incorporating an idea of lent and fasting into our preparation for Easter, and then has a very accessible guide that can be used with children of all ages.  And it is just a $2.99 download from the Kindle store, making it affordable and easily accessible.  (It is also available as a paperback.) Give it a look.

And if that's not good enough, she's doing a drawing for a free download if you visit the book's blog TODAY and post a comment. What a deal!

May the Lord use Amy's words and heart for reaching children for Christ to bless many through this new endeavor!

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Mrs. Edwards said...

Thank you, Chris! I'm so honored to have your recommendation.