Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sundays with Jean

"Heal my soul, for for I have sinned against thee."- Psalm 41:4

Sometimes Calvin's pastoral gentleness surprises me. He compellingly paints a picture of the love of God and His tenderness towards us who are undeserving. I love the way he speaks of God's grace:

I, indeed, confess that in these darts there would be deadly stings if God did not help us. But according to his incomparable compassion, our most gracious Father has added a timely remedy, by which, calming our perturbation, assuaging cares, casting out fears, he may draw us gently to himself--nay, removing all rough spots, not to mention hindrances, he may pave the way.
~Jean Calvin, Institutes, Book III, Chapter 20, Part 12

Such a God is worthy of our praise, and makes a quiet place for our soul to rest. May you rest in him this Sabbath night, Gentle Reader!

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