Monday, February 22, 2010


My sister, Jeni, is the author of what I call the VBB (Very Brave Blog). Like me, Jen has struggled her whole adult life with weight issues, and looking for accountability (a whole world's worth) as well as a way to raise hunger awareness, she has started her VBB. There, people have pledged money to go to hunger relief for each pound she loses. Each week she photographs her toes (nicely pedicured) standing on her scale, and what her weight for the week is. Now that is being OUT THERE!

A few weeks ago, Jen was featured in her hometown paper (The Cedar Rapids Gazette). You can read the article and see the photos by clicking on their link, then choosing the date 2-13-10, and going to page B6. After the article, her blog got over 200 hits in a day! So, the VBB has initiated her "15 minutes of fame".

Please pray for Jen and all of us who struggle with weight, Gentle Reader. Pray that we would be successful in out attempts to lose weight, and that we would learn to be filled-up with the love of Christ, and seek to honor Him in all things!

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