Friday, February 19, 2010

Awaiting God's purpose...

Another storm is heading our way. It's supposed to rain tonight, changing into snow and keep it up all weekend. I love snow and rain now that I live in the mostly-sunny Southwest. Each drop of moisture in this dry climate is a tender reminder of God's love for His people, His creation.

And yet, He is still in control of His creation in Haiti, where so many thousands have died. He was still sovereign when the tsunami in South Asia wiped out thousands. He was sill tender when I was battling cancer. I can't understand His purpose, because, as a dear friend reminded me yesterday, God is incomprehensible to a mere mortals like me. At times like these, I cling to what He has revealed to me in His word. I know He is good. I know He is sovereign. So I am left not understanding His plan, but trusting He has one. When I get to heaven, maybe then I'll get a glimpse of His plan.

Holding onto the truth when you don't really see how it all works together is sometimes tough. Walking by sight and having a nice, neat little paradigm for reality into which all the tricky things "fit" would certainly be easier than living by faith. But I guess we have to trust God there, too, and patiently await His purpose.

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