Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grandbabies and other blessings...

I am reading through 1 Chronicles right now in my daily bible readings. Somehow I had forgotten how many lists of things there are in that book of the bible: lists of priests, lists of clans, lists of Mighty Men, lists of genealogies, and most recently read, a list of all the things David had accumulated to build a house for the Lord (which Solomon would build).

I have to admit all the lists get to me, and I have a hard time slogging through them. But today I was struck by all the blessing that huge list of wealth marked. David had accumulated a lot of of precious things to use in building God's house. They represent God's great blessing, and his provision for a temple. And that boring list reminded me of my many blessings. The little critter in the new sonogram above is over 8 weeks old now. He or she is growing eyelids, lips, nose, getting webbed fingers, and has a four-chamber, strong-beating heart. What a blessing: the first of a new generation. And Little Finni's parents and Aunt and Uncle are pretty wonderful, too. And he or she has an awesome Grandpa. I need to remember to be thankful for the miracle that is life, and for the way it multiplies and grows.

And that new life is only one in my long list of blessings. May God make us truly thankful!

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