Tuesday, February 09, 2010

An over-ride of blessing...

Years ago, I used to pray regularly, every morning, for God to order my days as He chose. And in this year of living adventurously, I remembered that prayer, and have begun once again praying it as I wake each morning. Let me tell you, Gentle Readers, of a couple of surprises the Lord had planned for my day yesterday.

First off, through my sweet dil, Elsa, we connected up with a young man who needed a place to stay for a few days. He is on an adventure of his own right now, but we are enjoying his company. You can read about Drew's adventure here.

And secondly, I got a very special call last night. Dave and I have been praying for one of my loopy friends (my online classical education loop) whose 18 yo son was in a serious auto accident in December. Zac received terrible trauma to his head, particularly his brain stem. Peggy and Bobby, his parents, spent the first several days beating off the folks who wanted them to donate Zac's organs. The doctors gave them little hope, but the strength of a mama's heart is an amazing thing, and Peggy knew they were going to get Zac back. Well, here we are, two months later, and last night I spoke to Zac on the phone. His strong, clear voice, and ability to carry a conversation and follow thought brought tears to my eyes! He no longer needs a walker to walk with, he is playing memory games, and beginning to dream dreams for his future again. He is a testimony to God's continued power to heal. The doctors say they have no explanation. But we know Who gets all the glory for this healing!

So, I had other plans last night. But God did a loving over-ride of my measly plans, and brought us great blessing instead. The adventure continues every day with Him!

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